What is Roof Cleaning?

Have you noticed the dark discoloration on a lot of the roofs in the Upstate? Perhaps your roof has this staining? We get the response from a lot of customers that they believe their roof needs replacing – that this discoloration is just a sign of old age.

Actually, this discoloration or stain, is an algae that’s feeding on the ingredients present in the grit of the roof. We can safely kill and remove this algae with our No Pressure Roof Cleaning method. We apply a solution that’s approved by the American Roofing Manufacturers Association ( ARMA ) at very low pressure to the shingles. This solution effectively kills and removes the algae revealing a beautiful roof that looks as good as new! Our solution also helps prevent the return of the algae.

We have special pumps to apply this solution at low pressure, meaning that NO pressure washers are used. There’s no loss of shingle grit and in most cases we don’t even need to step foot on your roof.

Your roof will have instant results. When we leave your roof will be stain free. What’s more is your roof will last much longer because the algae that was eating your roof is now gone. All this for a fraction of the cost of replacing your roof!



No Pressure Roof  Cleaning

Roof cleaning is actually very different then pressure washing. In fact, a pressure washer should never be used to clean a roof!

We’re often asked what the dark staining is on shingle roofs. It’s called Gloeocapsa Magma algae. The bad news is this algae feeds off of limestone. Limestone is a key ingredient on your roof – an open buffet for Gloeocapsa Magma. Left un-treated, the algae that leaves your roof looking dirty and discolored will also eat way years of useful life from your roof.

The good news is we have exactly what is needed to kill, remove and prevent gloeocapsa magma. The method and solution we use is approved by the American Roofing Manufacturers Association. Our solution is safe when used properly, and it does not contain heavy degreasers. Heavy degreasers will clean the algae from the roof by removing a layer of asphalt and shingle grit! Our no pressure method simply kills the aglea and prevents it’s return.

Cleaning your roof not only instantly increases curb appeal, but it adds years of useful life back to your roof. Just because your roof is discolored does not mean it can’t be brought back to life!

Results are immediate with most roofs using our no pressure method. When we leave, your roof will look totally different. Your neighbors will think you had a new roof installed. Only in extreme cases, such as heavy moss growing on the roof, will results need some time.