Immediate Full Time Position 717-330-5386
Power Washing & Window Cleaning Technician


• Training (First 60 days): $13/Hr
• After training: $15 /Hr
• Evaluate performance end summer/fall: Late season Raise depending on history.
• Fully trained as team leader: Up to $18/hr with bonus (performance based pay/hybrid)
• Guaranteed 35 hours week during March 1 – Dec 1 ( In light of  lack of work due to extreme inclimate weather/early training)
• Plenty of Overtime during standard work week.

• 1st season: 2 paid personal days & paid Holiday(s) (4th July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving)
• Fully Trained: 5 Paid for vacation  2 paid personal (Paid Holidays)
• Approx 60% of pay during off season via unemployment  Jan/Feb (As I like to call it….A well earned Paid Vacation =)
• 401k match 2%

Work Days
• 7:15am-4pm M-F (March 1 Through December 31) Mixed in Saturdays during peak season.
• Estimated 40-55 Hrs per week during peak season.
• Shirt/equipment/vehicles all provided by company.

Beginner/Intermediate Annual Income: Tech: Estimated annual income $25-30k + unemployment during off season.
Fully Trained Tech Annual Income: $35-45K + unemployment during off season.