Explanation of Expectations Of A Mr Windows Employee

Scope Of Work:

We are primarily a window cleaning/pressure washing company however during certain times of the year we may take on other services and  include and are not limited to:

  • Window Cleaning • Pressure Washing • Gutter Cleaning • MISC jobs around shop/property
  • Yard clean up • Deck staining • Painting • Snow Removal


  • Must be capable or moving, lifting, and working off of ladders. Step ladders and Extension ladders up to 32 FT.
    • Drastically exceed the customers’ expectations
    • Fill out all paperwork in full everyday
    • Keep truck clean and maintained
    • Maintain pressure cleaner pump oil and engine oil
    Always wear proper and CLEAN uniform
    • Have an extra CLEAN shirt and sweatshirt everyday
  • Always have an extra blue and grey shirt.
  • Grey is for pressure washing – while blue is for window cleaning.
    • Maintain proper grooming and appearance
  • No beards or thick facial hair. This is so respirators have a tight fit against face while pressure washing with chemicals.
    • Identify opportunities at every property, document them, and upsell them
  • All upsells sold by employees are eligible for commission.
    • Maintain company profitability and efficiency.
  • Random bonuses are awarded for impressing out customers.
    • Walk around is required whether customer goes with you or not after job is complete.
  • NO TOOL LEFT BEHIND: At the end of every project a final walk around is required so every tool and equipment is accounted for. (Lost/Stolen/Misplaced equipment is grounds for termination)

• Be available by phone/voxer/texting/calling at all times during the work day.

  • Expect to working some Saturdays and VERY occasional Sundays depending on the scope of work.
    • Turn in Work Log and paperwork every day.
  • Absolutely No foul language, No Smoking
  • Be on time everyday (3 lates is grounds for immediate termination no exceptions)
    • Make sure customers LOVE you and us

Daily Agenda

We pride ourselves in the quality of work we perform and how we interacted with out customers. Our goal is to do the job right the first time while being personal with each customer. We shoot for a 100% 1st time satisfaction rate.

  • Crew leaders will be emailed their paperwork/work orders the night before for preparation or have paperwork waiting for them at the shop.
  • Arrive at shop between 7am-730am depending on the time of year.*7:10 is star time between march-October*7:30 is start time between December-February.
  • Grab keys for vehicle depending on what is scheduled for that day.
    • Box Truck (Pressure Washing| Roof Cleaning| Window Cleaning)
    • Van (Pressure Washing |Window Cleaning)
  • Vehicle Inspection: Miles, Fuel Level, Tire Pressure, Mechanical Shape, Secure Ladders.
    Our Vehicles are the lifeblood of our daily responsibilities. It is very important you treat     them as your own and respect them. And neglect to company vehicles is grounds for   instant termination.
  • Load up equipment & supplies into the proper vehicle for that day.
  • Log beginning vehicle mileage for that day
  • Residential jobs start at 7:45AM- 8:00AM.
  • Upon arrival knock and politely introduce yourself and confirm the work on the work order.
  • !IMPORTANT! – Prior to performing and work (specifically for pressure washing) do a walk around and inspect for any pre-existing damage to home.• Examples are: Loose siding, holes in siding, oxidized siding, open windows, cracked windows, streaks on siding from another pressure washer, broken furniture, damaged plants. Take pictures of plants if you notice any dying or wilting.
  • Before any work is performed note any defects on the work order. Show the homeowner the defects and have them initial/sign the work order.

We pride ourselves in the quality of work we perform. Our goal is to do the job right the first time and shoot for a 100% 1st time satisfaction rate.

  • After the work has been completed ask homeowner to inspect work and make sure they are fully satisfied.
  • Have the home owner sign off on the work order after they have been satisfied with the work.
  • After completing the last job head back to the shop and drop off, rags, supplies, and paper work.

Pay scale Policy

  • Level 1 : Probation/ Training Period: First 80 Hours – $TBD/hour
  • Employee is expected to understand the basic principles, techniques, and operations of the shop and in field executions of window cleaning and pressure washing.
  • Level 2: 81+ hours – $TBD/Hour (Estimated: 3 -8 months depending on experience and learning capabilities.)
  • Employee is still in training, and is given more responsibility. The end goal in phase 2 is to become fully self sufficient to be able to run a complete day of work alone or with a helper.
  • Level 3: Fully Trained Crew Leader Base pay $TBD/hr or Commission with helper

            After employee has showed these characteristics they are eligible for Level 3 pay scale.

  • Able to run a job from start to finish: includes (1)initial introduction with customers (2) perform the work  (3) Final inspection with customer. (4) Ask for referrals/put yard sign out front of home.
  • Never caught standing still, always thinking ahead to what is next step to complete the job.
  • Fully comfortable engaging with customers. Pleasant to talk to during job and able to explain any questions the client may have.
  • Looks for opportunities to up sell
  • Helpful recommendations for the company.
  • Treats company property as their own – recognize issues with vehicles, equipment, and supplies.
  • Able to lead and train a new co-worker.
  • Looks presentable, smells good, and is conscience of appearance at all times.



Exiting the Company

All tools, uniforms, and any company property  and must be handed in upon termination or willful exiting of  their position.


Examples for immediate termination; includes but is not limited to:*

  • Not reporting damage to company property

* We understand accidents do happen however each incident will be evaluated and may include termination depending on the severity of the situation.

  • Repeat tardiness
  • Rude to customers
  • Starting conflict with co-workers
  • Theft from company or customer (legal prosecution will be taken)
  • Failed drug test
  • Not abiding by safety policies
  • Not meeting company standards
  • Not meeting their position expectations and responsibilities.
  • Not reporting damage to clients property