Siding Weep holes Combined w/ Oxidize Siding
• In case you were unaware, most siding manufactures have strategically placed weep holes on the bottom lip. The siding is equipped with these holes in an attempt to release trapped moisture during of heavy dew points and moisture buildup during rain/snow.
• In most cases the back of your side of siding contains dirt along with bug nest miscellaneous debris that accumulate over time. Though we don’t force copious amounts of water behind your siding due to  our softwash method, however some wicking/dripping can occur long after we leave during the “Drip dry” portion of the cleaning. Homes that have large accumulation of buildup trapped behind the siding  coupled with oxidized siding can result in “weep hole blotches”
• Why does it happen? Weep hole blotching is much more prevalent to happen to homes that are  older and have oxidized siding (even worse in homes that  are located in the woods). The factory sheen on the siding wears off over time. This is primarily due to UV exposure from the sun. A good example would be to compare it to the paint on your car. From the factory, your car has a new clear coat that has been buffed/waxed and in tip top shiny shape, however in 5,10,15,20,25 years the clear coat has most likely been compromised to some degree. The same goes with your siding. From the factory is has a satin sheen on the it that helps repel water and dirt, however over time that sheen get disrupted and the oxidized vinyl siding is allowed to “absorb” water/dirt.  The southern side of your home will exhibit much more oxidation due to constant exposure to the sun.
• If weep hole blotching occurs please let us know. We do see it in about 1 in every 100 houses we  wash. This was not a poor or sketchy quality cleaning, it is the result of the perfect environment and age condition of your home/siding. We will come back and do a mild gentle rinse to help even out the unsightly spots.