I must say that I am shocked! I just looked at the Calendar and it is hard to believe that spring cleaning is right around the corner. As every winter season passes, the pressure washing seasons get closer and closer together. In fact, I can remember back 9 years ago when I started my power washing and window cleaning company, the winter season couldn’t end soon enough. The winter days were long, cold, and all I could dream about was firing up my pressure washer and  bask in the sun rays of the spring season.

Now with that being said and fast forward almost a decade as we advanced our company to offer the highest level of customer satisfaction and cleaned hundreds and hundred of homes. I can only attest to our success to the loyalty of our employees and our AMAZING clients.

I can’t say enough about the all the amazing clients we have have the honor of serving over the past 9 years.  In fact today, (3-13-2018), we genuinely brightening up  Linda’s home and mindset! It was such an epic reminder that we don’t only offer window cleaning and pressure washing to our clients, but a legitimate peace of mind, and a feeling of “clarity”.

I write this with the utmost importance to remind myself, that our clients find  just as much joy in the experience of the cleaning process ad they do with the perfect results we have to offer.  I regret not snapping a few photos of the before and afters of  Linda’s home, but you would then be able to feel a similar excitement.

With all that being said, today was  great reminder why I started this cleaning company 9 years ago. I look forward to the next 9.  I thank the power washing and window cleaning community for much of my accomplishments, and more importantly to my loyal customers, employees, and my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

To a successful cleaning season of 2018!