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The 2018 Cleaning Season Is Upon us!

I must say that I am shocked! I just looked at the Calendar and it is hard to believe that spring cleaning is right around the corner. As every winter season passes, the pressure washing seasons get closer and closer together. In fact, I can remember back 9 years ago when I started my power […]

Seeing Clearly In Lancaster PA!

It has been a rather tame 2014/2015 winter thus far. In fact our loyal window cleaning & pressure washing customers have been keeping our schedule rather full! Here is a picture from todays project in Lancaster Pa, which included window cleaning, gutter cleaning, and light fixture cleaning!    

Power Washing Preparation Checklist

Power Washing Preparation Checklist Before calling your local Lancaster PA company to come and do power washing to your home, you must make a complete checklist. This pressure washing checklist will ensure that the company is able to do their utmost when power washing your residence. The following items must be added to your pressure […]

6 Red Flags To Avoid When Choosing A Power Washing Company

Flag #1: Choosing a Company Without Testimonials. Any company with a good reputation with have or be able to compile a list of testimonials. If there past customers are not willing to say good things about this pressure washing company, how can you really expect good cleaning results? Flag #2: Choosing a Contractor Based on Low […]

Homemade Pressure Washer Soap

Here is a homemade pressure washer soap recipe that you can use at home. First you will need bleach. You can purchase bleach in any super market or dollar store for around $3.50 a gallon. Next you will need a surfactant which helps the cleaning solution adhere to the vinyl siding so you don’t miss […]

Pressure Washing Retaining Wall | Lancaster PA

We can’t stress this point enough. It is much better to have your property cleaned routinely to prevent costly damage from mold  algae, and other organic compounds. With that being said we can still turn most eye sores into pleasant sight again. This retaining wall was located in Lancaster PA.  The homeowner stated it has  never been cleaned since it was build roughly 10 […]

Pressure Washing Composite Deck | Lancaster County PA

We would  like to show off some of our recent pressure washing work which took place in Lancaster PA  in the early stages of 2013.  Before we go any further, it we always like to remind our customers that its much easier and cost effect to have your property maintained and cleaned on a preventive basis, rather than […]

How To Pressure Wash Vinyl Siding | Lancaster PA

How To Pressure Wash You Home In Lancaster Pennsylvania There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to the use of a pressure washer. There is a misconception that many home owners and fresh under experienced contractors in the Lancaster PA territory share. They believe extreme water pressure alone is the […]