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Pure Water Window Cleaning | Lancaster PA | 717-330-5386

There has been a wave of technological advances in window cleaning over the past decade. Such innovations have been made in the design of squeegees, soaps, and most importantly safety. This is where pure water cleaning comes to mind. Window cleaners are now able to clean 5 stories with their feet flat on the ground. […]

What Causes Foggy Windows?

What Causes Foggy Windows? Have you ever seen a window that looks like it needs cleaned in-between the two panes of glass? While  you attempt to cleaning the exterior and interior of the window, you are left with frustration and don’t know what to do next?  That fogging is normally a result of a bad […]

Pressure Washing Services | Lancaster PA | 717.330.5386

How Do I Pressure Wash? The easiest way to understand how to pressure wash is to first  learn how the pressure washing system works. There are three basic elements needed to clean different types of surfaces; water flow, pressure, and cleaning agents. These three elements are imperative no matter which pressure washing system your are using. Increasing or decreasing one of the above will determine which […]

Solar Panel Cleaning

So you have just invested a lofty amount of your hard earned money into a set of Solar Panels, whats next?  Yes Sir, it is now time to sit back and allow the sunshine to produce $$$. The only thing impeding your payback period is a fine thin layer of dust, dirt, and bird droppings […]