So you have just invested a lofty amount of your hard earned money into a set of Solar Panels, whats next?  Yes Sir, it is now time to sit back and allow the sunshine to produce $$$. The only thing impeding your payback period is a fine thin layer of dust, dirt, and bird droppings which are hindering the optimum output of your Solar Panels.

So how can you increase your output and ultimately increase  your payback period as well? A simple cleaning will do the trick.  There have been many studies done over the past few years on the relationship between dirty solar panels and their output. In fact Google has done a study on their own solar panels (here).

So what does the Solar Panel Cleaning Process look like?

Solar Panels Being Cleaned With Pure Water

The safest and most effective way of cleaning solar panels is the use of purified water.  In short, water is pumped through a 5 stage filtration system yielding a less than 5 parts per million (PPM) Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) rating. This water is 99.99% pure and dries spot free.  The panels are then scrubbed with a brush which is fed with the pure water (see video and pictures below).

If you live in the Lancaster PA area and would like to have your solar panels professionally cleaned, simply contact us (717-330-5386) and we would love to walk you through the process and provide you with a hassle fee estimate.