Here is a homemade pressure washer soap recipe that you can use at home. First you will need bleach. You can purchase bleach in any super market or dollar store for around $3.50 a gallon. Next you will need a surfactant which helps the cleaning solution adhere to the vinyl siding so you don’t miss any spots. Dish washing soap is easy to find and will work great for this. Here are the proportions you will need in a five gallon bucket.

-Four gallons of Bleach (6% Sodium Hypoclorite)
-Three ounces of Dish Washing soap (AMMONIA FREE – Make sure to check the label to ensure there is no ammonia  – bleach and ammonia can give off harmful fumes)*

*Certain dish soaps can give off ammonia and isn’t safe for your health.

-one gallon of water

A five gallon mix can clean a 2,000 square foot house when the soap is applied liberally. Be sure to use a respirator of some sort when you are applying the solution. If there is a cross wind apply down wind and work you way upwind.