We would  like to show off some of our recent pressure washing work which took place in Lancaster PA  in the early stages of 2013.  Before we go any further, it we always like to remind our customers that its much easier and cost effect to have your property maintained and cleaned on a preventive basis, rather than a “restore” it basis.

This deck was located in the hills of northern Lancaster County PA. The northern exposure lacks sunlight which leads to high levels of moisture. This is very common in Lancaster. The moister then allows organic growth (mold & algea) to form which then needs to be removed with a pressure washer.

Here are some images of before and during the process.


Deck Cleaning with Pressure Washer

This is a  composite deck. Remember that some composite decks still have wood particles  in them. Organic growth loves wood. The growth can dig deep into the surface and if not cleaned on a regular basis with a pressure washer, your deck may never look “new” again.


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